What’s changing?

I was never prone to change, but the realization that change resistance can only harm your own self is enough to keep you get going, making you accept every thing that is coming your way.

Life gets easy this way.


Right timing needed.

You cannot always feel good in present sometimes you feel enough of a present and want to move forward a little faster.

I mean present do satisfies; this is the time you have waited for, prayed for, and it felt good and new at the begininng but satisfactory sometimes doesn’t last long, comfort zone do changes, the excitement fades. That doesn’t mean you aren’t thankful for the present. But you can’t put a NO to your eagerness of feeling more, this urge of moving forward is never ending when your imaginations never rest.

Between you and your imaginary and random world is the unnoticeable line of time which you can’t cross and you have to stick to the clock waiting for right time, feeling subtly trapped.

Just a catch back.

It’s been a while now, I am not writing and neither my brain is nearly up to anything, although I’m having exams but what time in the world cost a paragraph to be written and also I was reading this article which was listing down ways of how to not procrastinate. It has this all different side of “I don’t feel like doing it”- the sentence actually I use very often. According to them; procrastination is your own choice not feeling, not feeling like doing anything work-task cannot be the excuse to not do it. From now on every time I am going to delay anything this article will hit my mind. But I will delay it anyway, also you cannot do everything at the perfect time. Lol, That is not the way HOMO SAPIENS work.
There has been a lot on my plate the past couple of days which didn’t fail to grab all the focus resulting in no energy to even wrap up this read in my draft, pending from a long. Yeah, sigh me !!! Hope to get the focus back soon.

Good life or ethical life?

Nothing shakes you like ethics lectures in college, and sometimes they end up questioning the life you’re living like in last class we were asked by our ethics professor that would you choose to do the work which doesn’t require a university degree or do not have any occupational identity? And we were all dead blank there.

He said “we spend less time on our selves”, we work for the reputation, not for our on being. “We borrow our reflections” what he was trying to say was the only real intention of a man is to have those factors require to have this good reputation in society, though he doesn’t perceive it to be such inside, which is true somewhat.

I think it’s hard to get along the pace everything is moving forward with, though we try like hell, throughout which this ethics-life kind of questions moves out of our focus. The musts and shoulds of living a life in present vary from people to people and among them, none care about what ought to be? and what ought not to be? according to real ethical theories.

And the deeper we dig the hazier it gets regardless of how strong your ontological roots are, every question opens a door to a new critique leading to never-ending arguments.

Drink it in.

Sometimes we have to make sure that the things we get passed by (good/bad) to reach where we are now and the person we have turned into, stays somewhere in flashbacks. Because after everything all that would

be worth recalling, owing to the fact that we are never walking into that memoried place again as same as we are now, we will be different or completely changed..who knows.
Time places moments is in constant shift and so are we, nothing ever stays unchanged, there is always more to come the more which we can’t get enough of.

So seize the time every on and off, have a moment, hold on to it; the places, the person we are now, the present feelings; griefs and joy hold on to it a little longer, drink it all in and let go off completely when it’s time.

Make peace with your story.