Every once in a while we loose control and sometimes we get lost; the world around us starts to dance in the chaos of our madness, until to the moment of epiphany that we can’t stand still anymore cuase

it has been long lot chaos. Then we run for peace along with a long with comfort and at this point we are willing to trade anything for them.


It all fades away

Emotions are conscious experiences

Making it simple unlike neuroscience; what is going on in our heads, how our thoughts are being affected by the affairs around us.

These episodes are in a persistent state of fluctuations, they can never ever be constant; they can go up like rollercoaster adventuring you such a high then lowering you down-lost in despair.

It’s all just a matter of time, that teaches you how you can get passed everything; a catastrophic loss, a heartbreak, a failure or losing it all, how pain grows dimmer and dimmer with the transition of an hour.

Ever wonder how one day it feels like the end of the world and the other day you are back on your feet again dealing with your shits, pulling it together?

Life is like that; passion or love you can now die for may won’t make sense in a decade or half, feelings, emotions, sentiment are meant to fade away making you all good-to-go again or leaving you all empty every so often.

Is it fine to take no thoughts of morrow?

“carpe diem quan menium cradula postero” meaning “seize the day”, trust as little possible in future.

Those are nice words when to be told, to be lectured or to be captioned in good photos, but do they have rational value? How can one not plan for future, when they are born in the world or more appropriate I can say, in a race where every other person is attaining something and to be frank you’re considered nothing but a feckless being whose is not standing anywhere if you deny to be the part of the race.

However, being a second-year high school student the only thing which remains in the back of my mind is what am I suppose to do after this; what measures will or should I choose? am I competent enough to face this world afterward? that doesn’t make me an anti-carpe diem person.

Because according to my frame of reference carpe diem doesn’t have to always look like all singing and all dancing, making to the fullest never define the ability to have fun, maybe it is the ability to challenge yourself, your competency, what you can do more to seize the present?

However That’s understandable that every now and then you have to lower your boundaries fence the things in to get a bigger picture, to get good exposure so that you can achieve the unachievable, to experience the inexperienced, yet there is no detriment in building those walls again and again; when you don’t feel like opening up to people or coming out of bed or want to choose a good book over a hangout, you’re free to go back in your comfort zone whenever needed and this doesn’t make you lackadaisical. That is just a balance

Trust me acquiring a balance is the best thing you can do to yourself, the balance between making to fullest and planning for what lies ahead, between your low-key and enthusiastic self, surely do focus on the bright side of your little world also never frighten dark coming your way ; remember your little world is always in motion and possess the ability to change your view by turning upside down.

Besides this, never ever underestimate your ability to stand alone, to work and get it going alone, plus you don’t need a bunch of people to make it to the fullest to live for today, tomorrow or whatever,(if you have sincere people around you that’s just a way of fate being nice to you), rely on your own, cause none other than that will save you in the end.


When they say life is not easy when it comes to working, professionalism or practical ways they are well-nigh right, but the real sturdy part is the beginning one, especially when  you’re totally clueless  of professional work and deals,  professionalism is nowhere to be found in the chapter of your life, and you can’t have any idea of it without stepping in to it. However lots of people have really cool experiences of an internship; chill bosses effort less expenditure of time and yay! You get to write an experience in resume.

I don’t know where in the world you get these kinda of bosses and internship programs, my experience was totally unlike others; I didn’t get cool ass bosses neither it was all chill program, the deal was to learn and work while you’re in it, which was kind of interesting and kind of too much, either way, it was important. while being an intern you get to learn a lot. and trust me even if you don’t want to, you have to especially when you’re looking forward to a good career goal.

There is one hell of a variety of bosses you can work under and each one of them have their many different ways of working things out which is kind of worrisome if you’re not an easy grabber. Anyhow, you get used too of the stuff because we humans have this great tendency of molding ourselves according to the situation.

What is all about is that whatever the scenario is you grab stuff by stuff and you learn, cause after moving out of this learning zone there is no coming back. I know it feels happy and easy to lay around in your comfort zone but life is all about getting out of it, cause cutting yourself a slack in present may feel satisfying but can never be a good plan in the long haul.