The days I live for.

Some days are surprisingly good, everything is perfect.. wait not so perfect but weirdly satisfying, what you prayed for, worked hard for does not seems to be far, you can see it , you can’t feel the despair; that inexpressable pain which has been in your heart for so long is so far gone, and this sudden urge of feeling fine is too overwhelming that you might miss numbness but you don’t wanna go back cuase you are aware of the fact that pulling through dark is the best thing you have done to yourself. And you just sit there in awe of your own self looking at the good coming your way.

These days happen so often but damn feels so good.


What’s changing?

I was never prone to change, but the realization that change resistance can only harm your own self is enough to keep you get going, making you accept every thing that is coming your way.

Life gets easy this way.

Right timing needed.

You cannot always feel good in present sometimes you feel enough of a present and want to move forward a little faster.

I mean present do satisfies; this is the time you have waited for, prayed for, and it felt good and new at the begininng but satisfactory sometimes doesn’t last long, comfort zone do changes, the excitement fades. That doesn’t mean you aren’t thankful for the present. But you can’t put a NO to your eagerness of feeling more, this urge of moving forward is never ending when your imaginations never rest.

Between you and your imaginary and random world is the unnoticeable line of time which you can’t cross and you have to stick to the clock waiting for right time, feeling subtly trapped.