Drink it in.

Sometimes we have to make sure that the things we get passed by (good/bad) to reach where we are now and the person we have turned into, stays somewhere in flashbacks. Because after everything all that would

be worth recalling, owing to the fact that we are never walking into that memoried place again as same as we are now, we will be different or completely changed..who knows.
Time places moments is in constant shift and so are we, nothing ever stays unchanged, there is always more to come the more which we can’t get enough of.

So seize the time every on and off, have a moment, hold on to it; the places, the person we are now, the present feelings; griefs and joy hold on to it a little longer, drink it all in and let go off completely when it’s time.

Make peace with your story.


Choices we make

We, humans, are vibrant, our mind pulsate with vigour and energy, and every bit of joy make it pulsate harder, with our bare hands with we think we can grab all our life and mould it in to whatever we want it to be, decision we make, things we do, path we choose and possess this good courage to walk on them totally unaware of the fact that where it will lead us, We are willing too loose and drown ourselves for something we literally want, but whether we are going to have it or not that’s the choice never of us to make, alos

That is where everything goes wild, life will always have its turn to play the choosing game or maybe only it has played ever since, we think that we chose this; present joy or grief is an upshot of our forgone decisions, little that we know that where we are now is where we have to be from the beginning. It takes time to realize that we cannot choose life and jump on the other side of the line and grab our favourite one. We can only stand by on our side of the line with squeezed eyes and pray like hell that good life chooses us.

Shut yourself down for a while.

The days when everything is on low-key, you never want to get out of bed in first place and even if you do get out the world around you makes you feel sick in the stomach, when it feels like everything around you is moving with this good pace that you might miss everything and the day turning in night makes you feel nauseous.

When there is nothing to be sad about yet you’re left with the kind of greif that is not letting you laugh out loud, that happens!! Every once in a while we hit that part of mental exhaustion where everything feels numb.

And when it happens allow yourself to fall back, when it feels like nothing; do nothing, feel free to to take your mind off everything, because that is just you processing yourself, and sometimes it needs time, cause in due course you’ll be back, and that will feel amazing, till then shut yourself down.