What’s changing?

I was never prone to change, but the realization that change resistance can only harm your own self is enough to keep you get going, making you accept every thing that is coming your way.

Life gets easy this way.


Drink it in.

Sometimes we have to make sure that the things we get passed by (good/bad) to reach where we are now and the person we have turned into, stays somewhere in flashbacks. Because after everything all that would

be worth recalling, owing to the fact that we are never walking into that memoried place again as same as we are now, we will be different or completely changed..who knows.
Time places moments is in constant shift and so are we, nothing ever stays unchanged, there is always more to come the more which we can’t get enough of.

So seize the time every on and off, have a moment, hold on to it; the places, the person we are now, the present feelings; griefs and joy hold on to it a little longer, drink it all in and let go off completely when it’s time.

Make peace with your story.

Glimpse of Saddar Town.

While en route to Urdu bazaar( famous book market of Karachi) I get a chance to capture few glimpse of Saddar town; said to be one of the oldest towns of Karachi, since I live far from that place never had a chance to roam around this zone of the city.

Yes! Today it’s all about photos, have got nothing more to write about, these images of ages old architecture justifies the fact that God knows how many stories are buried in these bricks along with joy, griefs laughter of people whose long period of time passed in here.

I want to go home to the dull old town with the shaded street and the open square and the hill and the flats and the house I love and the path I know”

-Paul kester