Just a catch back.

It’s been a while now, I am not writing and neither my brain is nearly up to anything, although I’m having exams but what time in the world cost a paragraph to be written and also I was reading this article which was listing down ways of how to not procrastinate. It has this all different side of “I don’t feel like doing it”- the sentence actually I use very often. According to them; procrastination is your own choice not feeling, not feeling like doing anything work-task cannot be the excuse to not do it. From now on every time I am going to delay anything this article will hit my mind. But I will delay it anyway, also you cannot do everything at the perfect time. Lol, That is not the way HOMO SAPIENS work.
There has been a lot on my plate the past couple of days which didn’t fail to grab all the focus resulting in no energy to even wrap up this read in my draft, pending from a long. Yeah, sigh me !!! Hope to get the focus back soon.